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Real Estate Finance

Does the word finance make you tilt your head?  Well, this time last year it made me tilt mine.  In fact, the words Real Estate Finance made my stomach fall to my toes.  I registered for the required course in order to be one step closer to becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent in the great state of Texas with fear and trepidation!  The class was my least favorite, at first.  Day one was filled with discussion over the primary and secondary markets (aka banks, investors, FreddieMac and more).  I had spent most of my life thinking about these entities as little as possible.  Big Mistake.  As the course continued I began to face the fact that I had avoided this type of education out of fear.  Fear that my ignorance would be to big to overcome.  I am grateful to say that I was very wrong.  There was nothing to fear, however, there was alot to learn!  I can't believe that I am now discussing subjects related to Real Estate Finance everyday in everyway without an ounce of fear!  I am able to educate and therefore empower others because I faced this proverbial giant in my life.  One of the most exciting outcomes since becoming a licensed Real Estate agent is that I now teach High School Real Estate Finance in Van Alstyne, Texas every Friday morning.  It has been deeply fulfulling!  Do you have a giant REAL ESTATE FINANCE monster mocking you in the depths of your mind?  Call me and we can conquer it thru education together! 214-529-1624