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What is a CMA?

Knock, knock!  Who's There?  Realtor.  Realtor Who? Realtor who can create a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).  Why would a homeowner need a CMA much less want one? 

Let's imagine that a homeowner is actually a vendor at a local farmers market.  The vendor decides to sell 6 apples for $18.00.  Shoppers glance over the apples and scoff as their eyes fall upon the price.  The vendor is confused and finds that at the end of the day not one apple sold.  As the discouraged vendor packs up shop the owner of the farmers market stops by to see how the vendor faired for the day.  The vendor begins to complain that not one apple sold and is sure the problem is the location of his booth.  The owner gently suggests that the vendor reconsider the selling price of the apples.  The vendor insists the problem is nothing more than location.  After some hesitation the owner allows the vendor to change booths to a more "ideal" location.  The next day the vendor has the same bad luck.  Was location the problem?  Or, was lack of awareness of the value of apples in the market the real issue?  The vendor was unaware that his fellow vendors were currently selling 6 apples for $4.00.  He refused to acknowledge the going price of 6 apples in his market.  Therefore, he was unnecessarily stuck with inventory unable to sell his apples.  Comparative Market Analysis gives homeowners a clear vision of what the market is doing at that very moment in time.  It is a beneficial snapshot of what is going on in their current market.   Are apples selling 6 for $4.00 or 6 for $18.00 this weekend at this particular farmers market?  Knowledge is power.  My goal is to always empower those in my sphere of influence.  As a Texas Realtor I love to share with homeowners what activity is happening in their specific market.  Are you curious about your CMA?  Text or Call me ASAP to get your CMA!  214-529-1624