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New Buyer Blues

Imagine you have never driven a car.  The first time you make an attempt you are with a very experienced driver who assures you that this will be a breeze.  Your mentor walks you to his truck and you jump into the drivers seat.  You take a look at your mentor and you think to yourself that this guy drives all the time so surely you can drive easily.  He smiles, hands you a set of keys and goes silent.  You tilt your head, struggle with the keys not finding the one that fits into the ignition.  Your mentor gets a good laugh out of your predicament and then shows you the correct key.  You feel the heat rise from your chest to your head with embarrasment that begins to birth frustration.  You place the key in the ignition and nothing happens.  Nothing.  Your mentor tells you to figure it out.  You glance at your feet and notice 3 pedals.  You look at your mentor in horror as he announces that he prefers driving a standard.  The experience drags out without any improvement.  By the time you get the truck out of the driveway you are miserable and yet your mentor is full of joy and congradulating you on your new ability to drive.  

Sometimes first time home buyers experience this level of embarrassment, frustration and fear.  Once they finally settle on making it into their first home they are so worn out and lost that they fail to see any reason to celebrate.  That describes my personal experience with purchasing my very first home as a newly wed, 8 months pregnant and terrified.  My real estate agent was readily able to laugh at my questions and brush my concerns away with "it will all be okays".  Eventually, he left me, the very pregnant and emotional wife, behind as he addressed my husband.  As we closed on our first home, July 12, 2004, and I sat signing my life away to the unknown future that my agent and husband assured me was going to be terrific, I felt defeated.  So many of my questions remained unanswered.  As home ownership set in I tried to put the 8 week buying experience out of my mind.  Sometimes this was especially difficult because during the first month of ownership our septic system failed and filled our master bedroom with septic water.  My husband was at work when I walked into the bedroom ready to nurse my newborn baby and was greeted with septic water up to my ankles.  It was in that moment that I could clearly remember attempting to explain to my agent that I have never lived in a home on septic and needed help understanding.  Yet another question that my husband brushed away while the agent gave a knowing laugh.  Guess where my agent and husband were when I was standing ankle deep in septic water?  No where to be found.  My point?  Homeownership isn't an impossible feat and neither is driving a standard truck.  But, if you have zero experience and those around you could be helpful but choose not to advocate for you then where does that leave you?  It leaves you gaining a certificate from the "School of Hard Knocks".  My husband became my hero that evening when he completely repaired our home.  He did it with joy and taught me I could trust in his abilities.  But, my agent went missing.  He no longer returned phone calls.  

As I reflect on my experiences in life without the education I have now attained I wish I could go back and mentor myself.  Unfortunately, that is an impossiblilty.  What I can do is take action with my clients.  I work hard to advocate and educate each new home buyer.  I understand in a very personal way how difficult and emotional the process of new homeownership can be on a person.  Many times new home buyers are in a season of life where they are experiencing a new marriage and/or parenthood and somehow are expected to navigate all the lender requirements all the while choosing their "forever" home.  I am proud to say that I have been surrounded by many Realtors and Sales Agents since that bad experience in 2004.  They have loved on, mentored and encouraged me during my Real Estate journey.  The great majority of us, Realtors, have our clients BEST interests at heart.  I am grateful that I am serving new home buyers daily as an advocate and friend.  Are you considering homeownership for the first time?  Call or text me anytime with any question.  I am honored to help you avoid common pitfalls!   214-529-1624