Stephanie Geronimo
Mobile: 214-529-1624


“I first met Stephanie when we were volunteers in Anna helping a lady get on the transplant list. Then after that a few ladies started a Pay It Forward group in Anna. Stephanie and her three girls let us use the house she used as a class room to make surprise gifts for the elderly and sick. She was always there teaching her girls how to be compassionate to the less fortunate’s needs. No one Pays It Forward better than Stephanie. She never asks for anything in return for her selflessness.”- Vic (Pay It Forward of Anna, Melissa & Van Alstyne and dear friend)


“Stephanie worked for me at a brain injury rehab. She always showed the Core Values that we look for in employees. She is a kind and compassionate person not only to the patients but to the families and to her coworkers. Stephanie always did what was needed to learn the job to the best of her ability. She would come up with new innovative ideas to make things run smoother in the work place. Stephanie was always a hardworking, respected and trustworthy employee who looked for ways to keep improving for the patients. She was a great asset to our company and is missed. She will make a great and trustworthy real estate agent.” - Melodee (former employer and dear friend)


“Throughout my adult years, I have had the experience of meeting few remarkable people and among them is Stephanie Geronimo, who I first met in a Real Estate class in college. Her dedication, knowledge, honesty and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. She always listens with curiosity, speaks with honesty and acts with integrity and these qualities recommend her for having a great career as a real estate agent.” -Mioara (former colleague and dear friend)


"Stephanie Geronimo is one of the most honest, fair and hard working young ladies I've ever met. She always puts everyone else first. She's the first to share anything she has. She loves her family and her friends with a passion. She can multi-task well as she has so many interests in so many things. If she doesn't know how to do something, she finds the resources to help her. Stephanie exhibits many character traits in her day to day life. Stephanie pays it forward, expecting nothing in return.  I'm proud to call her my friend.”- Carol (Pay It Forward of Anna, Melissa & Van Alstyne and dear friend)